China will fight and win the battle against pollution and continuously improve the eco-environment, a human rights action plan said Thursday.
Titled "Human Rights Action Plan of China (2021-2025)," the document was released by the State Council Information Office.
According to the action plan, China will take further actions to prevent and control atmospheric pollution, and coordinate its commitments to reducing air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.
The average PM2.5 intensity in cities at or above the prefectural level is expected to fall by 10 percent while the total emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds are expected to drop by more than 10 percent respectively.
China will also strengthen water treatment and protection, said the action plan. It will continue the environmental protection campaign to treat black and malodorous water bodies in cities and largely eliminate such phenomena in urban built-up areas.
In terms of soil conservation, China will consolidate and improve the safe use of agricultural land, reduce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and treat the pollution caused by agricultural plastic film.
The treatment of sewage and solid waste will be improved during the period, according to the action plan. China will achieve full coverage of sewage pipe networks in urban areas, and ensure that treatment to render sewage sludge harmless reaches 90 percent. A basic system for dropping, collecting, transporting and disposing of sorted household garbage will be established in cities at the prefectural level and above.
The country also aims to improve law-based environmental governance, said the action plan. It will improve its eco-environmental legal system, formulate and revise laws and regulations, and steadily push forward the formulation and revision of environmental standards.
China will take resolute action against illegal and criminal activities in the eco-environmental field in accordance with the law, said the action plan.

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