ABOUT 80 percent of Chinese teenagers’ cervical vertebra are in sub-health status and over 59 percent of people between 30 and 40 years old suffer neck and waist problems due to long-time desk work, computer use and improper lifestyle like smoking and lack of exercises, medical experts yesterday told a health promotion program, a week-long event in the city.

“Not bending the neck for too long time, adopting healthy lifestyle and doing proper spine exercises are all helpful,” said Dr Ye Xiulan from Shanghai Longhua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital’s rehabilitation department, which taught local residents a neck and waist protection exercise during the event.

Leading medical experts gave lectures about health protection, prevention and control of chronic diseases, the top killer to local residents.

Dr Fan Jiangao from Shanghai Xinhua Hospital said fatty liver has become a very prevalent disease in China and any people gaining 3 to 5 percent extra weight during adulthood have the risk of having fatty liver.

“The leading chronic liver disease in China is fatty liver which is related with obesity and diabetes,” he said.

A series of lectures, consultation and health education activities are launched during this week to improve public awareness, local health authority said.

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