Increasing evidence has shown that e-cigarettes are harmful. A latest research found that flavoring chemicals reacted with solvent in e-liquids to form high levels of new and potentially toxic chemicals.
Researchers at Yale University examined the toxicity of flavoring chemicals, including those for sweet, fruit and cinnamon flavors. They found that the flavoring chemicals reacted with solvents in e-liquids to from new chemicals which were more toxic than either of the parent compounds. These new toxic chemicals had not been studied before, but were present at high levels. They could induce inflammatory responses, leading to coughing, breathing difficulties, increased heart rate and blood vessel problems. Even at low levels, they could kill bronchus mucosal cells. The findings highlight again that harmfulness of e-cigarettes is not fully unveiled and is generally underestimated by the public. E-cigarettes should not be considered as a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes.
All forms of smoking products are harmful. COSH strongly urges the Hong Kong Government and Legislative Council to resume the legislation for a total ban on alternative smoking products, including e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco products, as soon as possible. The Government should also formulate a timeline for a total ban on smoking to achieve smoke-free Hong Kong.

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